Possession and Access (Visitation) Services

One of the biggest challenges a parent may face is sharing their child's time with the other parent when the parents do not live together.  This situation can be hard for parents to handle when they were never married or are angry after a divorce.  The parent's separation may leave one feeling angry and distrustful of the other.  It may be uncomfortable to see the other parent when they pick up their child for visitation time.  It may be difficult to know the right things to say when your child talks about their time with the other parent.  Combine these worries with feelings of loss and loneliness a parent sometimes experiences when a child leaves to be with the other parent and problems surrounding possession and access often arise.

If the court-ordered times of possession and access (visitation) with your child are being denied or a parent is not following the possession schedule, the Domestic Relations Office may be able to assist.  Our staff of attorneys, mediators and mental health professionals are specially trained and highly experienced  with possession and access (visitation) issues. 

Resolution involves each party looking at what is best for their children

This is a three step process.  The first step is attendance at an online, live orientation.  In the second step, the parties will participate in parent conferences where information is collected, the court order is explained and guidance is given.  Resolution involves each party looking at what is best for their children.  If there is no resolution, the third step is an attorney consultation and court intervention.   The majority of cases are resolved through this process without court intervention.  

To apply, complete an application under the Application & Forms section.

The Harris County Domestic Relations Office is a domestic violence-informed agency.  If you are a victim or survivor of domestic violence, we may have information to help you.   Please click on the our "links" page or contact us for assistance.