Adoption Evaluations

In Texas, individuals seeking to adopt a child are required to participate in a pre-adoptive home screening and post-placement adoptive report.  If the child is already residing in the home, Family Court Services combines the two into an adoption evaluation. This instrument evaluates the circumstances and condition of the child, the petitioners, and the adoptive home environment.  The evaluation will include interviews with everyone who resides in the home and personal references and the collection of collateral information. 

The evaluation provides the Court with a source of impartial, objective information to determine whether an adoption is in the child's best interest. After assignment, it takes approximately sixty (60) days to complete and file a written report with the court.

…determine whether an adoption is in the child's best interest

The fee for a adoption evaluation is $250.00.   Evaluation fees are nonrefundable and must be paid before the evaluation begins. Fees can be paid in cash, cashier's check, money order, or credit card.  Each party must complete a Questionnaire

Stepparent Adoptions

When a prospective adoptive parent is a stepparent of the child and the adoption is uncontested, the Court may waive the adoption evaluation if the Court has reviewed the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services records for the stepparent. The Domestic Relations Office can provide these records to the Court for a fee of $100.00.