Parenting Workshops FAQs

Do the parenting courses offered by the Domestic Relations Office meet requirements under the Texas Family Code?

Yes, all of the courses offered by the Domestic Relations Office meet the requirements established by the Texas Family Code.

Am I required to complete a 4-hour parent education course before my divorce can be granted?

The Local Rules of the Harris County Family Courts provide that family courts shall require parents to complete an educational program, unless good cause has been shown.  Your attorney may have more specific information, or you may contact the court in which your case is pending to determine what is required.

Do I have to attend the same workshop as the other parent?

No.  When you complete your registration, you are asked to provide the name of the other parent, and care is taken by DRO staff to avoid registering both you and the other parent in the same workshop at the same time.

What if I miss a session? Can I make it up?

The workshops are most helpful if they are attended in order, but if you must miss a session, you may notify your instructor at [email protected] to request a make-up session.

How will the Court know that I’ve completed the workshop?

The Court will be notified directly by the Domestic Relations Office once you have completed a workshop.  Additionally, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for your records.  However, please be aware that all sessions of the workshop for which you are registered must be completed before you will receive credit for the course.

What happens if I complete the workshop and the other parent does not?

Your successful completion of the workshop will be reported to the Court.  It is up to the individual Court to determine what action, if any, will be taken with respect to the other parent.