​Dads Count

"Dads Count" is designed for fathers who: may feel unimportant in their child's life, have lost touch with their child, or have no "say" in their daily lives.  Regardless of the reason, the loss of connection occurred.  The Domestic Relations Office believes that fathers can make a new connection and regain their relationship with their children.  This workshop will focus on providing fathers with the skills necessary to become a co-parent, not an adversary, and on strategies to put an end to conflict with the other parent.  By learning to listen without judgment or criticism, and remember that "the child comes first," both moms and dads can become the needed support their child needs.   

 Statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate that Dads have a critical role in the success of their children. This workshop will encourage fathers to take an active and sustained role in the lives of the children.  

Dads DO Count!

The "Dads Count" workshop is conducted on ZOOM via a live, interactive presentation in four, 2-hour sessions, and is free of charge to fathers who are referred by the Domestic Relations Office.   

Forms are submitted using DocuSign, which will require your name and email address.  Upon submission a copy will be emailed to the address provided.

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