Child Support Services

Harris County families can enroll to receive free services to establish, monitor, collect, adjust, or terminate child, medical, and dental support.  A party may enroll by signing the Record of Support Order requesting child support services.  Cases where a child is receiving Medicaid or TANF are monitored by the Office of the Attorney General.

The Domestic Relations Office monitors child and medical support obligations and engages in efforts to ensure compliance.  Child support may be adjusted, when appropriate.  Support obligations are enforced through income withholdings, tax intercepts, liens, litigation, and other methods.   

To apply, complete an application under the Application & Forms section.

Child Support Establishment

Establishing paternity is one of the most important steps unmarried parents can take because it creates a legal relationship between a father and his child. Paternity establishment ensures that children are eligible for child support and possibly other benefits such as Social Security, veteran survivor benefits, and health insurance. 

Securing a court order that establishes parentage, orders child support/medical support, and secures parenting time is important.  Applicants complete an application. 

Children bring joy, love, and hope into our lives

If a parent has received Medicaid or TANF assistance on behalf of the child(ren), then the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has been assigned the right to establish your child support.  Please contact the OAG at 800-252-8014 for this service.


Child Support Enforcement

If a parent has been ordered to pay child support and is not paying, this Office may assist with enforcing the child support order.  In some cases, child support can be enforced without going to court.  To enforce your child support, please complete an application or contact the Domestic Relations Office. 

In some cases, child support can be enforced without going to court

If a parent has received Medicaid or TANF assistance on behalf of the child(ren), then the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has been assigned the right to enforce your child support.  Please contact the OAG at 800-252-8014 for this service.


Child Support Termination

If your child has turned 18 and graduated from high school, this Office may provide services to terminate a garnishment order for child support.  If you have multiple children and your order provides that the child support obligation is reduced as each child emancipates, this Office may notify your employer to reduce the garnishment amount.

…may provide services to terminate a garnishment order for child support


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in child support services?
When a divorce or suit affecting the parent-child relationship is finalized in Court, a party must submit a Record of Support Order (Texas Family Code 105.008). Signing the section in the Record of Support Order requesting child support services will automatically enroll the parties in child support services.  The DRO begins monitoring support and providing services immediately.
Where can I get the Record of Support Order?
The "Record of Support Order" is available here, at the Harris County District Clerk's website or at the Office of the Attorney General's website.
When enforcing support, does the DRO represent the custodial parent?
No, the DRO represents the State of Texas.
I have been served with court action. Do I need to hire an attorney?
It is your decision whether to hire an attorney or represent yourself.  We do not represent you or the other party.  We represent the State of Texas.
How can I receive free child support services?
Either party may contact the DRO and request child support services.  You may also complete an Application for Child Support Services available on this website.
May a custodial parent hire private counsel to enforce or modify support?
Yes. The custodial parent has discretion to hire private counsel, who will notice the DRO of the pending litigation.
How do I enforce possession & access of my child?
All parents who reside in Harris County may apply to the DRO for possession enforcement services.  Possession enforcement services are detailed in a different page on this website.
How do I obtain a copy of my Court Order?
Contact the Harris County District Clerk's Office at 713-755-5758.
How can I apply to modify the amount of my child support, medical support or dental support?
Only the Court can modify the child, medical or dental support.  Grounds for a modification include a material and substantial change in the circumstances of a child or a person affected by the order.  Parties may request a review of the ordered child support amounts by contacting the Domestic Relations Office.