The Process

The Domestic Relations Office mediates divorces, suits affecting a child, modifications of existing court orders, and parentage action that are pending in the Harris County Family District Courts. To be eligible for this service, the parties’ combined annual income cannot exceed $125,000. The Court may order mediation or the parties may agree to mediate at the DRO.

Our mediators have the advanced training necessary to mediate family law issues. Mediation services are offered at no cost for both temporary and final orders. Executed mediation agreements are binding on the parties. When an agreement is reached, the parties avoid a costly and emotional court trial.

Resolution involves each party looking at what is best for their children

Cases are mediated Monday through Friday via ZOOM.

Mediation Policy

  1. Mediations begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. 
  2. Attorneys and parties may appear by ZOOM or in person at the Harris County Domestic Relations Office. 
  3. Parties must mediate from a private space that is free of distractions; and cannot mediate while working, exercising, driving, caring for children, or engaging in another activity. Failure to mediate in a private space will result in a mediation cancellation, assessment of $100.00 termination fee, and communication to the Court. 
  4. Parties and their lawyer agree to devote a minimum of five hours to the mediation process. 
  5. Mediation is a confidential process and no other person (current spouse, romantic partner, child, relative, etc.), may be present or participate in the mediation process. 
  6. Parties and attorneys agree to have their cameras on during the entire mediation process. 
  7. Parties must exchange wage information and property inventories in accordance with Harris County Family Local Rules. 
  8. Scheduled mediations not canceled within 72 hours of their mediation date will incur a $100.00 cancellation fee.