Visitation Supervisor Training

For a variety of reasons, a family court may determine that a parent's parenting time with his or her children should be supervised to ensure the physical and emotional safety of the children.  This two-hour workshop was developed by the Domestic Relations Office to provide guidance and training for relatives and friends who have been given the task of supervising a parent's parenting time with their children.  In the role of visitation supervisor, the supervisor serves as the eyes and ears of the Court, and is present to ensure that the time spent together by the parent and child is as safe and stress-free for the child as possible.  In this workshop, the visitation supervisors will learn the basics of their role, including the need to remain neutral, but observant and present at all times.  Successful completion of this workshop will be reported to the Court from which the case was referred. 

This workshop is presented on ZOOM via a live, interactive presentation in one 1.5-hour session.  

Cost: Free   

Forms are submitted using DocuSign, which will require your name and email address.  Upon submission a copy will be emailed to the address provided.

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