Child Support FAQs

Who Qualifies For Our Services?

To qualify for our services, the Harris County Family Courts must have the authority to decide your case.  You must have the correct address of the other parent.

How Long Will It Take?

All lawsuits have to comply with procedures set out by the Texas Family Code. Since each court has different docket schedules, it is not possible to give the date your lawsuit will be completed. If you are having a problem in one of the areas of family law handled by this Office, you should make an appointment now. More specific time frames can be given once we know the facts of your case, what type of legal action my be required, and what Court will be hearing your case.

What Will It Cost?

The Domestic Relations Office is a fee-for-service agency.  Since there are many types of lawsuits, all fees for services are discussed with the applicant during the interview.

What type of support is paid?

Child support, medical support and dental support is generally ordered paid. Review the child support section(s) of your order for the amounts due. For questions, contact the DRO at (713) 274-7300.

Where to pay?

Your order directs where child support must be paid. Most orders direct that child support is paid to the:

Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit
P. O. Box 659791
San Antonio, Texas 78265-9791

How Do I qualify for child support assistance?

Contact us at 713-274-7300 and we will guide you through the application process.

How do I obtain a copy of my Court Order?

Contact the Harris County District Clerk's Office at 713-755-5758.