Community Supervision FAQs

Why would the Court place me on community supervision?

If you have been found in contempt for violating an order, the court gave you a second chance by placing you on community supervision in lieu of incarceration.  The Court hopes that you will take advantage of this second chance and get the assistance you need to comply with the court's order for child support or possession/parenting time. 

How long am I on community supervision?

Your order will have the length of community supervision in the attached terms and conditions.   If you pay off all child support arrears, the Court may approve early termination.

What do I have to do while on community supervision?

You must report at a minimum each month to your officer. The officer will thoroughly review your case, assess your needs and refer you for life skills in the areas where you need assistance. You can expect swift court intervention if you fail to remain in compliance.

How can community supervision help me?

You will be assigned an officer who will encourage compliance and provide ongoing counseling. Ongoing assessment by the officer will ensure that appropriate life skill referrals are made to improve your life.

Those referrals include:

  1. education assistance;
  2. employment counseling;
  3. alcohol and substance abuse intervention;
  4. financial planning; and
  5. parenting classes.

What happens if I do not comply with the conditions of community supervision?

The officer will recommend a motion to revoke and it is highly likely the judge will sign a warrant for your arrest.  Once apprehended by law enforcement authorities, a hearing will then be held to determine if your community supervision should be revoked; which would make you subject to incarceration.

Where to pay?

Your order directs where child support must be paid. Most orders direct that child support is paid to the:

Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit
P. O. Box 659791
San Antonio, Texas 78265-9791

Do I have to report if I am paying my child support?

Yes, Reporting is a condition of your community supervision.  If you fail to report it is a violation of your community supervision.

How do I pay fees owed to the other parent's attorney?

Contact your assigned Officer to discuss how to pay attorney's fees.

What if my address or employer changes?

Report the changes to your assigned officer immediately.  You also need to report the changes to the Office of the Attorney General at 800-252-8014 and to the other parent.

How do I pay my court costs?

Contact the Harris County District Clerk's Office at 713-755-5758.

May I bring my children when I report?

No.  You will not be seen if you bring your children.